Ice cendol is a cold dessert that is a simpler variation of the popular ice kacang. The signature ingredient is the green coloured cendol, made from rice flour and green colouring from pandan leaves (screwpine). The cendol is served in noodle-like strings, and are often referred to, particularly by children, as “green worms”.

With the same base of shaved ice as ice kacang or ABC, cendol dessert is a sweet combination of cendol, gula melaka (coconut sugar), evaporated milk and red beans. On its own, the cendol is tasteless but its chewy texture (from the rice flour) and mild pandan fragrance brings uniqueness to this simple dessert.

It is often ordered along with other food so that by the time the main meal is consumed, the ice of the cendol would have melted nicely to dilute the concentrated sweetness of the dessert to just the right level of sugary heaven.

In some food outlets and coffee shops, cendol is served in a tall glass mug and the challenge of slurping up the “worms” through a straw and enjoying the chewy reward becomes part of the fun and experience of having cendol.

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