Tempura is a classic Japanese dish of deep fried battered vegetables or seafood. The tempura batter is made of ice cold water, flour and egg. Common choice of vegetables used in tempura is carrot, eggplant, okra, bell pepper and green pepper. It is also common to find squids and prawns in a tempura dish.

Asam Laksa

Laksa is thick spicy rice noodles which are served in a tangy fish soup/gravy, and very popular dish in Penang, most stalls in other states even use the name ‘Penang Laksa’ to promote the dish. Though the soupy gravy is made with mackerel, it is not fishy at all, because it uses lots of aromatic herbs. The dish also served with fresh vegetables like shredded cucumber, pineapple, lettuce, fragrant mint leaves, and onion. In general the term Laksa refers to Malay style laksa, sometimes called Malay Laksa and very popular in Malaysia. Many variations can be found at different parts of the country. Tamarind which is used as a souring agent to give a tart tangy taste is a key ingredient. Penang Assam Laksa or Penang Laksa is very famous and well known.