About Us

BestMalaysianFood.com is a food portal dedicated for food lovers, both locals and foreigners who likes to explore the various food types found in Malaysia. We offer information on a wide range of Malaysian food from the very common every day consumed food such as roti canainasi lemak, mee goreng etc, to season and special delicacy such as ikan bakar, Japanese sushi, Christmas turkey etc. Beside providing information on food, we also sharen places where those food are available, these allows our readers find their favourite food easily at the nearest location accessible by them.

With the mixture of different races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and the rich diversity of ethnics groups in Malaysia since centuries ago, it has created a vast variety of local delecacies, some of them originated from various other countries such as China, India, Middle East and neighbouring Asian countries, but blended with local taste and flavours as well as cooking styles. We make it easy for our visitors to locate the information on our portal by segregating food into categories based on popular food type found in Malaysia which includes Malay foodChinese foodIndian foodWesteren foodJapanese food and Vegeterian food.

We welcome food reviews from our readers, as well as recommendation from restaurant owners on any special food which they think will be of interest to other readers. We hope that with the active interaction from food providers and food lovers, it will make the information on this portal more relevant, interesting, updated, and most important of all, fun and enjoyable for everyone to enjoy. Readers and food providers may submit review at our submit food review section.